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How can I recover damages from a crash?

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You don't have to be a reckless driver to be involved in a car wreck. Even if you're a responsible and defensive driver with no prior accidents, a crash can happen unexpectedly.

The Arkansas attorneys at McDaniel Law Firm, PLC have seen how devastating crashes can be for safe and responsible drivers. Not only do they endure a great deal of pain and suffering, they get jerked around by insurance companies when trying to pursue a claim. Some end up having to pay for damages out of their own pocket. That's why it's best to be prepared and know what to expect.

What types of costs can I expect from my crash?

A car wreck can be financially devastating, but an experienced car accident attorney can help you build a strong legal claim and maximize your compensation. First, your attorney must place an accurate value on your claim. Here are the damages you will likely accrue from your crash:

  • Car repairs: Getting mechanical and auto body repairs to your car can cost thousands of dollars. If your car was totaled, then you may receive compensation to purchase or put money down on a new car.
  • Medical expenses: Even if you feel fine after a crash, it's always a good idea to see a doctor. A medical evaluation may identify an underlying injury early on and your doctor may provide treatment. Plus, a medical evaluation provides documentation of your crash-related injury, which can be used as evidence in your claim. If your injury is severe, you may need to be compensated for future medical care and possibly disability.
  • Wage loss: You will likely need to take some time off from work while recovering from an injury. If your injury is severe, you could be out of work for months (possibly years). You may be eligible for wage reimbursement.
  • Disability and loss of potential earnings: If your injury resulted in a life-long disability, loss of function of a body part, or loss of a body part, you may not be able to perform the same job duties you did before your crash. This could mean taking a position for less pay or changing your career, both of which can cost you money in the long run.

Can I pursue any other damages?

If your crash resulted in long-term pain, suffering, mental trauma, emotional anguish, or loss of life enjoyment, you may be able to pursue additional damages.

If your crash was caused by reckless behavior or gross negligence, your attorney may be able to pursue punitive damages for crashes caused by:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Aggressive drivers
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Parties responsible for serving alcohol to a minor or driver who causes a crash

Punitive damages are not associated with any costs accrued from your crash, but are rather used to punish at-fault drivers for their reckless behavior.

Contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC if you or a loved one was hurt in a crash. Our consultations are free and confidential. We also operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you won't owe us money unless we win your case.

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