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Arkansas Car Insurance FAQs

I've been approached by an insurance adjuster. What should I do?

You should be cautious when contacted by an insurance adjuster. We recommend saying nothing. If you hire an attorney, your lawyer can speak on your behalf. It's important to know adjusters are not your friends when you have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident. They are professional negotiators who are trained to use techniques to get a claimant to settle for the lowest possible amount.Never give an adjuster a written statement. Contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC before speaking with an adjuster.

Adjusters will make many arguments to harm your case, among them:

  • Your vehicle sustained minor damage
  • You failed to wear your seat belt
  • No police report was filed
  • No witnesses
  • Medical records indicate you had the condition prior to the accident

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What are common arguments insurance companies make?

Insurance companies will make a lot of arguments about why they should not have to pay your claim or why your policy does not apply. When the insurance company tries to limit your claim or acts in bad faith, you might hear the insurance company try to pin the blame on you for the accident. Common arguments insurance companies make include:

  • You were responsible for the accident.
  • The extent of your injury or loss is not as great as you claim.
  • You did not follow proper protocol in filing your claim or other paperwork.

If you or a loved one is involved in any kind of accident, be careful about what you say when reporting a claim. Your own insurance company may find reasons to deny or reduce the settlement. That says nothing about the insurance company representing the other party in the automobile accident. The other driver's insurance company certainly will not be protecting your interests.

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What is "bad faith" insurance?

Sometimes insurance providers may take illegal measures to avoid compensating accident victims after a crash. They have a duty to operate in "good faith," but this is not always the case. The following are examples of how insurance companies may deal in bad faith with their clients:

  • Unreasonably low settlement officers
  • Denial or delay of a claim without reason
  • Delay in payment while waiting on a third-party settlement
  • Intentional fraud/deception
  • Failure to investigate an accident
  • Failure to perform due diligence
  • Failure to act within a reasonable amount of time

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Can an attorney help deal with insurance companies?

Yes. A Jonesboro car accident attorney may be able to help you overcome delays, denials, and other tactics insurance companies use in the claims process. We have the experience necessary to negotiate with insurance companies. We have the resources necessary to uncover the true cause of your accident. You shouldn't have to pay for somebody else's mistakes.  Contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC today to get started.

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How to contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC

McDaniel Law Firm, PLC works hard on behalf of every client. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, especially when you're dealing with a serious injury or the loss of a loved one. Chances are you did nothing wrong. You shouldn't have to pay for somebody else's careless mistake.

We are committed to helping clients get their lives back on track. Contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC today. Call 870-336-4747 and schedule a free consultation today at our Jonesboro office. Discover the difference a tough-minded auto accident attorney can make. We proudly serve clients throughout Northeast Arkansas (including Jonesboro, Paragould, Craighead County, Lawrence County, Greene County, Mississippi County, Poinsett County), all of Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee.

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