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Defective products may cause serious harm to innocent people. Whether it's a poorly designed car that results in an auto accident, a defective medical device or a dangerous appliance in your home, any defective product can pose a risk of injury or death. When products are unsafe, the results can be devastating: traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, burns, severed limbs and even death, which may lead to a wrongful death claim.

Laws exist to protect us from defective products. But that doesn't mean product manufacturers are always willing to follow them. Companies might introduce new products to the market before adequately testing them for safety. They might cut corners to increase profit margins. At McDaniel Law Firm, PLC, our attorneys believe the companies making these products need to be held accountable when these laws are broken. There's no excuse for putting the value of profits ahead of the protection of people.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of products can be held liable for damages arising from the use of defective products. Products covered by this area of law include food, drugs, real estate and household appliances, as well as virtually all consumer products.

What are common examples of defective products?

Examples of defective products include the following:

  • Laptop computer, lamps, toasters and other electronic devices that cause harm to a user (an electrical shock, for example)
  • Dangerous toys or other products designed for children that may have a fire hazard or other safety issue
  • Automobile defects, such as faulty brakes or other car parts
  • Defective car seats

Do I have a product liability case in Arkansas?

If you are injured and want to seek damages, you do not need to be the original purchaser of the product. You also do not have to prove negligence in many cases. Product liability frequently is a question of strict liability. This means that if the product is defective and that defect caused injury, the injured user may sue for damages as long as the product was used as it was meant to be used and not substantially changed from its original condition.

There are three main types of product liability claims:

  • Manufacturing defects - the product is designed well, but the way in which it was constructed makes it unsafe. For instance, if a bike was assembled without a bolt that kept one of the wheels on
  • Design defects - the design of the product is unsafe, so the product itself is unreasonably dangerous. Design defects also apply to the packaging. For example, an airbag deploys without impact
  • Insufficient instructions or warnings - the product has no foreseeable flaws, but warnings and instructions are lacking. For example, prescription drugs that do not list certain side effects

How can a product liability lawyer help me?

Product liability cases involving large corporations can be extremely complicated. Companies routinely hire entire teams of lawyers to limit their liability. Their goal is often to simply keep payments to a minimum, rather than fully compensating people and addressing all the problems their products cause.

Product liability cases require a skilled, knowledgeable lawyer working on your behalf to make sure your rights are fully protected. McDaniel Law Firm, PLC is ready to help set things right. Call 870-336-4747 and schedule a free consultation today at our Jonesboro office. We proudly serve clients throughout Northeast Arkansas (including Jonesboro, Paragould, Craighead County, Lawrence County, Greene County, Mississippi County, Poinsett County), all of Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee.

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