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Side Underride and Rear Underride Accidents In Arkansas - Our Law Firm Can Help

Truck accidents are some of the deadliest crashes on our roads in Jonesboro and throughout Arkansas. Some of the most horrifying and most preventable crashes involve underride. An underride crash is a collision in which a passenger vehicle - such as a car, pickup truck, SUV, or motorcycle - goes partially or fully underneath a big-rig trailer. In most cases of an underride crash, part of the big-rig trailer slices into the passenger compartment, or survival area, of the car. This causes catastrophic injury or, too often, death to anyone in the vehicle.

Those who survive underride collision most often suffer life-changing spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. If you or a loved one was injured - or a loved one was killed - in an underride crash, you need an experienced trucking lawyer. McDaniel Law Firm aggressively represents families affected by underride accidents.  

Liability for an underride accident can be complex. We can help.

Fault for underride crashes most often rests with the truck driver and the trucking company that did not provide proper training or did not equip its trailer with equipment to prevent these tragedies. Side underride accidents, for instance, may happen when the trucker fails to check the blind spot before taking a right turn. In urban areas, these crashes frequently involve bicyclists and pedestrians, leading to devastating injuries. An underride accident may also involve a tractor performing an unsafe left turn or U-turn.

Underride accidents can also fall under the legal field of product liability. Trailer manufacturers and distributors are expected to protect the public from known and foreseeable risks of harm. All too often, however, rear guards are not strong enough, and side guards are not used. Despite hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries on American highways each year, irresponsible trucking companies and trailer manufacturers often put profits ahead of safety.

They will claim every pound a guard weighs may be a pound the trailer doesn't haul. However, for all of a passenger vehicle's safety features, such as airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones, it cannot protect its occupants from death or catastrophic injury when trucking companies and trailer manufacturers choose not to use a simple guard to prevent underride. Innocent families pay the price for a trucking company or trailer manufacturer's carelessness. We can level the field.  

Get an experienced attorney on your side right away. Call today.

Because of the complexity and severity of underride accidents, it's critically important that you contact an attorney with experience handling these cases. Evidence can disappear - whether by accident or because of deliberate action. Insurance companies representing the trucking company and the manufacturer will blame the injured driver or make low-ball offers. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you may end up settling for much less than you need.

As soon as our firm is retained to handle your case, we'll begin our investigation. Our lawyers will contact the trucking company and make sure we recover critical evidence for your case. We'll thoroughly investigate the trucking company, manufacturer and any other parties involved in your crash. We'll demand and work tirelessly for the justice your family deserves. If you've been hurt or lost a loved one in an underride accident, we can help. Call 870-336-4747 to schedule a free consultation.

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