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Drivers Must Pay Attention to Stop Jonesboro Motorcycle Accidents

Arkansas motorcycle accident attorneyAn Arkansas motorcycle rider is fighting for his life after a serious accident. According to Arkansas Matters, the victim of the motorcycle accident is a father of three with another child on the way. He was riding his motorcycle home when a minivan sped up to make a left turn. The minivan allegedly ran directly into the motorcycle. According to the victim's wife, the accident caused the victim to experience brain hemorrhaging, bruised lungs, head fractures, and facial fractures.

A witness at a gas station near the accident speculated the cause of the crash was distracted driving. The witness told Arkansas Matters: "I guess she [the van driver] was maybe doing something that was distracting her and she didn't see him or something, but it was her fault."  However, an official crash investigation will be necessary to determine who was actually at fault in the eyes of the law.

The accident is not the first one the Exxon gas station employee has seen while at work. She says she has seen many accidents at the intersection because: "People just don't pay attention, especially in the morning traffic. They try to run lights to catch the light and they end up having an accident."

Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of all motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents. A driver who has a phone or electronic device which is being used in the car could end up taking his or her eyes off the wheel for an extended period of time, long enough to drive the entire length of a football field just when reading or writing a simple text.

Drivers who use hands-free systems may believe they are being safer, but the reality is that talking to a voice-controlled infotainment system can be just as distracting (or more distracting) than using a handheld device.  The brain is just not good at multi-tasking and when a driver focuses on something besides driving, the brain cannot prioritize and ensure the driver stays safe.

A driver who is distracted because of electronic devices is going to have delayed reaction time and may experience cognitive blindness, where the brain does not properly process what the driver sees on the road.

A distracted driver is far more likely to hit a motorcyclist on the road. When a driver causes motorcycle accidents due to distracted driving, the motorist can be held accountable and be made to compensate victims and their families for their losses.

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