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AAA: ADAS tech may interfere with driving

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If you recently purchased a new car, you may already be familiar with active driving assistance systems (ADAS). According to SAE International, ADAS technology provides some automated assistance with steering, braking acceleration, lane centering and adaptive cruise control.

A recent study conducted by AAA cautions drivers not to become too reliant on ADAS technology. While this technology is touted as a means for reducing the risk of a crash, it could actually interfere with driving. In some cases, it could fail entirely when it's needed the most.

What did the AAA study find?

AAA researchers evaluated the performance of ADAS technology over the course of 4,000 real driving miles, as well as aggregate scenarios. Here is what the study found:

  • ADAS technology failed on an average of every eight miles
  • When ADAS failed, 73 percent of the errors involved trouble keeping cars in their lanes or driving too close to other cars or guardrails
  • Collisions happened 66 percent of the time in aggregate scenarios at an average speed of 25 mph
  • When ADAS failed, drivers needed to quickly regain control of their cars to avoid a crash

More development needed before it can be trusted

Greg Brannon is the director of automotive engineering and industry relations for AAA. According to Brannon, ADAS technology is still in its early stages of development and has repeatedly been shown to not perform as expected. Therefore, the public should be cautious about relying on this technology. In addition, ADAS manufacturers must do more research and development to make this technology safer and more reliable.

“With the number of issues we experienced in testing, it is unclear how these systems enhance the driving experience in their current form. In the long run, a bad experience with current technology may set back public acceptance of more fully automated vehicles in the future,” said Brannon.

Why relying on ADAS is dangerous

We already have a problem with drivers becoming too complacent and distracted. In fact, distracted driving alone resulted in 2,841 traffic fatalities across the U.S. in 2018. If drivers aren't properly educated on the purpose of ADAS technology and its limitations, they could become too reliant on it. This can lead to more cases of distracted driving.

The truth is, ADAS technology is not designed to act as a substitute for driver responsibility. It can only serve as assistance. When driver's aren't fully engaged in the task of driving, and this technology fails, someone can get hurt or killed.

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