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Who’s At Fault in a Semi-Truck Jackknife Accident?

A truck accident lawyer can identify all potential sources of compensation It seems like a simple question: "who is at fault in a semi-truck jackknife crash?" But figuring out liability after a tractor-trailer accident is complicated. There are often many potentially liable parties, and none of them want to take responsibility for a truck accident...

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Are Autonomous Semi-Trucks Safe?

While there may be benefits to self-driving semi-trucks, there are still a lot of challenges with the technology Technology is always growing and evolving—so much so that the once outrageous idea of having autonomous vehicles (AV) on the road isn't so farfetched today. But just like any other type of technology, there are pros and...

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Five Facts About Seat Belt and Car Seat Use

A personal injury lawyer reveals what drivers in Jonesboro should know Hundreds of people are injured or killed in car accidents in the state of Arkansas each year. Lives can be changed in seconds, often because a negligent driver was speeding, acting recklessly, texting behind the wheel, or operating under the influence of alcohol or...

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Is Cocaine Use Among Truck Drivers Underreported?

Arkansas truck accident lawyers discuss the dangers of impaired truckers Cocaine use among commercial truck drivers may be much higher than previously estimated, according to a new study of certain drug test samples conducted by researchers at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). The U.S. Department of Transportation “is seriously underreporting the actual use of...

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Amid a Wave of Veteran Driver Retirements, Inexperienced Truckers Take to the Road

The national trucker shortage has interrupted the supply chain, sending ripples throughout the economy and people's everyday lives. It also may have made our roadways a lot less safe. That's because a major factor in this shortage is a wave of trucker retirements. The experienced, veteran drivers are leaving and being replaced by rookies -...

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Big Rigs, Big Trouble: Study Highlights the Dangers of Distracted Truck Drivers

A Jonesboro Truck Accident Lawyer Provides the Details Tractor-trailers are the biggest vehicles on Arkansas roads and are among the most dangerous simply because of their size. Add troubling statistics about truckers who drive distracted, and the risk to other motorists multiplies. Tractor-trailer accidents are more common than you might think. Nationwide, about 500,000 crashes...

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FMCSA Rule Requires States To Crack Down on Truckers for Drug & Alcohol Violations

A Jonesboro, AR truck accident attorney explains Truckers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose an obvious threat to the health and lives of Arkansans because they are at risk of causing a devastating truck accident. Now, the government is cracking down even harder on commercial truck drivers who violate the rules. Closing...

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Freightliner Recalls Cascadia Tractor-Trailers Due to Defective Parts

An Arkansas truck accident lawyer explains the recall, why wrecks happen Defective truck parts that could potentially cause a steering malfunction recently resulted in the recall of more than 100,000 Freightliner Cascadia tractor-trailer trucks, according to Fleet Owner magazine. Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), which owns Freightliner, issued the recall and notified the National Highway...

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Company Claims Product Offers Solution for Commercial Truck Rollovers

A Jonesboro truck accident lawyer explains what drivers in Arkansas should know Tractor-trailer accidents happen every year on roads in Jonesboro and throughout Arkansas, causing serious injuries that are sometimes fatal. One serious type of truck accident is a rollover, in which the wheels come off the road, causing the truck to turn over onto...

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