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Distracted driving goes beyond simply cellphone use

Distracted driving is everywhere on Arkansas roads, and sadly, it's becoming the new norm. Today, more drivers are immersing themselves in the use of technology — many of whom are completely unaware of the dangers they pose to others. More than 3,100 people died across the United States in 2017 due to crashes caused by distracted...

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Preventing Teen Driver Crashes in Arkansas During the 100 Deadliest Days

Until the school year in Arkansas starts up, we're still in the “100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers. This dangerous period for teen drivers starts on Memorial Day weekend and runs until Labor Day weekend. The American Automobile Association (AAA) discusses why this period is so risky for teen drivers by identifying three key factors –...

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Distracted Driving: An Epidemic on Our Roadways

We have more distractions than ever before in our daily lives. The pervasive spread of technology in the form of smartphones has contributed to most of our distractions, but many of the cars we drive today also have numerous features that have ways of distracting us while driving. A recent article in Psychology Today puts...

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The best ideas to avoid accidents caused by defective brakes

You change your vehicle’s oil diligently. You make sure your tires are inflated properly and your wheels are aligned. You had that squeak checked with your trusted mechanic. Arkansas drivers should routinely check their vehicles for these kinds of concerns and stay on top of vehicle recalls. These practices can help drivers avoid preventable accidents....

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Arkansas Attorney Discusses What Causes Wheel Runoff Accidents

You’ve been involved in a wheel runoff accident. Well, freakish accidents happen, right? Mechanical failure is beyond anyone’s control, almost like an act of nature, right? Not always.  According to CrashForensics.com, wheel runoff accidents “are primarily caused by the improper installation of a wheel that causes it to be loose or become loose.”   Whether it’s a...

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