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Jonesboro, Arkansas


Distracted Driving is Endangering More Jonesboro Residents

In new vehicles filled with technology, it has become harder and harder for drivers to stay focused on the road. Advocates, safety coalitions, government traffic agencies, and many others have worked hard to bring awareness to this important issue. Their efforts paid off last year when the state legislature passed new, tougher laws to ban...

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When Cars Crash Into Jonesboro Buildings

Any car crash can cause significant property damage, but crashing into a building increases the costs substantially. Worse, both the number of people injured and severity of injuries can be exacerbated by a car accident that involves a building. Recent car crashes into Jonesboro buildings have caused significant harm to our neighbors and property. Recent...

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Truck Driver Shortages Can Increase the Risks of Accidents in Jonesboro

Both anecdotal and statistical evidence suggest that the American trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage. This shortage is more than a mere inconvenience that results in missed deadlines or higher distribution costs. It can also lead to dangerously inexperienced drivers being placed behind the wheels of large, fully loaded cargo trucks. These drivers are...

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Backover Accidents a Threat In Arkansas Parking Lots

Backover accidents are a significant cause of serious injuries that stem from a variety of instances. Often, bicyclists and pedestrians are involved, and serious or fatal injuries result. In many cases, these incidents occur in parking lots. Tragically, they sometimes involve small children who may be playing around a vehicle. People face a number of...

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Preventing Cargo Truck Rollovers to Reduce Truck Accidents on the Roads of Jonesboro

Rollover accidents can cause more severe injuries than almost any other type of truck accident. This is because a rollover collision generates a significant amount of force, and this force increases the severity of injuries which are sustained by the drivers, passengers, and other road users involved. Just a few months ago, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette...

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The Dangers Jonesboro Drivers Face as a Result of Road Debris

In Jonesboro, road debris poses the risk of injury to all roadway users. Drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians alike can all be injured in an accident caused by trash or improperly secured cargo that has been dropped or fallen into the road, resulting in obstruction. A Jonesboro car accident attorney can help accident...

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Jonesboro Drivers at Increased Risk of Fatal Car Accidents in Rural Areas

Recent research has found that car accidents in rural areas are more likely to be fatal compared to car accidents in urban areas. While this is concerning information for Jonesboro residents who live in rural areas, the research has also identified risk factors which make rural driving so dangerous. This allows Arkansas drivers to mitigate...

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Jonesboro Bicycle Fatalities on the Rise

Bicycle fatalities have been on the rise across America, and Arkansas riders are also suffering from this trend. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that, after reaching an all-time low in 2010, United States bicycle fatalities have been steadily on the rise. 2015 saw the largest increase in bicycle fatalities in two decades. Learn more...

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Speeding is a Leading Cause of Traffic Deaths in Arkansas

Car accidents have been a constant hazard to American public safety. The Washington Post reports that over eighteen thousand traffic deaths occurred in the first half of 2017. This equates to more than one hundred Americans dying every day, simply as a result of getting in a vehicle. Speeding is often overshadowed by more controversial...

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