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What Causes a Semi-Truck To Overturn?

an overturned tractor-trailer blocks a busy roadway.

Rollover truck accidents often result in severe and fatal injuries.

Driving near trucks on the highway can be intimidating—and for good reason. Big rigs, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers are huge vehicles compared to regular passenger cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, which is one reason why truck accidents are extremely dangerous. In addition, because of their design, commercial trucks are more likely to roll over. This is especially true if the trucker is driving recklessly or negligently.

For example, semi-trucks have a much higher center of gravity than passenger vehicles, making them more prone to tipping over. That means a trucker's margin for error is much smaller.

At McDaniel Law Firm, PLC, our truck accident lawyers have seen how devastating rollover truck wrecks can be for the victims and their families. If you or someone you love was injured in a rollover truck crash, contact us today to review your legal rights and options.

Why do semi-trucks overturn?

Semi-trucks are particularly susceptible due to the unique characteristics of their design. As mentioned above, semi-trucks are top-heavy, making them more likely to tip over or roll over in the event of a sudden maneuver or poor road conditions.

When a semi-truck overturns, the trucker and/or the trucking company may have done something to contribute to the crash. Some of the most common reasons a semi-truck will overturn include the following:

  • Speeding: Semi-trucks are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, so they require more time and distance to stop. As such, speeding through a turn can easily cause a tractor-trailer to tip over. Even a simple lane change at high speeds can end in a rollover accident if the trucker jerks the steering wheel while driving too fast.
  • Distracted driving:  When truckers are distracted, they may take longer to react to unexpected road conditions, such as a sharp curve or an obstacle in the road. This can make it harder for the truck driver to control the semi and prevent a rollover accident. Distracted truckers may also miss important traffic signals and signs, leading to unsafe maneuvers. Finally, distracted truckers may not be fully aware of their speed, especially when approaching curves or other hazards.
  • Weather: Failing to adjust for adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or high winds can make it harder for truck drivers to maintain control of their vehicles and avoid overturning. Likewise, failure to adjust for poor road conditions such as uneven pavement, potholes, or sharp curves can make it more difficult for semi-trucks to maintain stability and avoid a rollover.
  • Improper loads: When a semi-truck is loaded with cargo, the weight is often concentrated in the trailer, making the vehicle even more top-heavy. As a result, these loads need to be properly balanced and secured so they don't move while the truck is in motion. Properly loading and securing cargo in the trailer can help ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and that the vehicle is stable on the road, reducing the risk of a rollover accident.
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance:  Proper truck maintenance is crucial for avoiding overturns. Tire blowouts, brake failure, faulty suspension systems, worn steering components, and improper tread can all cause a rollover truck accident. Regularly inspecting the truck and its systems can help detect and address any issues.

Get a trusted truck accident lawyer on your side.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a semi-truck rollover accident, you deserve to be compensated for your damages. With the help of a trusted truck accident lawyer, you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

The attorneys at McDaniel Law Firm, PLC have more than 50 years of combined experience helping truck accident victims find their way forward. To learn more about how an experienced truck accident lawyer can help you, contact us today for a free consultation.

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