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How to Report Your Car Accident in Jonesboro

Arkansas auto accident attorneyAfter a motor vehicle accident, you need to report the crash so you can obtain compensation for injuries and losses. You also need to make sure the crash is reported so law enforcement will have a record the accident happened. All crashes causing injury, death, or $1,000 or more in property damage must be reported within 30 days. An SR-1 form must be completed to report the accident. The form asks for comprehensive details about all drivers involved in the collision, as well as details about where the accident happened. Proof of financial responsibility (proof of insurance) also has to be included.

In addition to contact the police after a Jonesboro car crash, it is also necessary to alert your insurance company. You should contact the customer service number provided by your insurer as soon as you can after the crash. Most insurers have voice prompts when you call the telephone number on your insurance card, so you can indicate you are calling to report a collision.

Steps to take after your car accident

After a motor vehicle accident, contact 911 if you or anyone who has been involved in the crash is injured. You have a duty to stop your vehicle and render aid when you are involved in a crash and can face criminal charges if you do not stop. If the situation is not an emergency, the accident should still be reported.

Law enforcement can come to the scene of the collision and will prepare an accident report. Jonesboro Police Department provides information on its website about the process of requesting an accident report after a crash. The report contains details from the officer's opinion of how the crash happened, as well as contact information from the other driver and sometimes from witnesses. The report can be invaluable if you decide to pursue a car accident claim for compensation following the collision. You can provide the accident report as evidence showing how the crash happened in case there is a dispute about the cause of the collision.

While contacting the police is essential to make sure you get a detailed accident report, you should let your auto insurer know about the crash even if you believe the other driver was responsible and if you believe the other driver is going to be the one who has to pay for losses. Your auto insurer will also pay for some injury costs you sustain, regardless of who is at fault for the crash, because every driver in Arkansas is required to have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

Of course insurance companies do not always fulfill their legal obligations. Taking photographs of the scene and damaged vehicles, as well as keeping careful records of witnesses, medical bills, police reports and other data, can be invaluable in proving your claim with the help of an experienced Jonesboro auto accident attorney.

Be careful what you say to your insurer and to the other driver when a report of a crash is made, as you do not want to admit fault or do anything to jeopardize your rights in the wake of a serious or fatal collision.

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