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Automatic Braking Technology Could Reduce Risks of Jonesboro Rear-End Accidents

Arkansas auto accident attorneyDrivers in Jonesboro, Paragould, Craighead County, Lawrence County, Greene County, Mississippi County, Poinsett County and surrounding areas frequently engage in high risk behaviors while driving, like not paying attention to what is around them or having too much to drink before they drive. When this happens, there is an increased chance of an accident happening. Rear-end crashes are an especially common type of collision and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that around a third of car accidents in 2013 were rear-end accidents. In many of the rear-end collisions that occurred, the driver had not even tried to brake before the accident happened or had not been able to fully brake before striking the lead vehicle.

Preventing rear-end crashes could save lives and make the roads safer for everyone. A personal injury lawyer knows that in-vehicle technologies are continually being developed that are designed to reduce the chances that careless drivers or human error will lead to a crash. Two of these technologies could be useful in preventing rear-end accidents.

Automatic Braking Technology Could Help Reduce Rear-end Accidents

The two technologies that could help to reduce the risk of rear car accidents including the crash imminent braking system (CIB) and the dynamic brake support (DBS) system.

CIB works in cases where drivers do not pay attention and apply the brakes. If CIB detects that a crash is imminent and the car is going to collide with a lead vehicle (or other object), CIB can apply the brakes.

The dynamic brake support system works a little differently, because this system is designed to supplement when a driver brakes. If a driver otherwise wouldn't be able to stop in time to avoid rear-ending someone, the DBS system could make it more likely that the brakes will respond in time to avert catastrophe.

Both the DBS system and the CIB system have been recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as important in-vehicle safety technology tools that could help decrease the number of collisions. This is why both of the technologies will be included in the New Car Assessment Program. The NCAP provides essential information to consumers about how well their vehicle will protect them from collisions that could occur on the roads.

The NCAP is one tool that the NHTSA uses to encourage manufacturers to include safety features in their cars and to help consumers know what to buy. In some cases, the NHTSA can also require car makers to manufacture all new cars with a certain safety feature if the vehicle was made after a designated date.

The NHTSA had asked for public comments on updating the NCAP in 2013 and the agency has now announced that the CIBS and DBS system will both be included. Safety features have saved around 613,501 lives since the 1960s and hopefully now that these rear-end accident prevention technologies are being included as an important safety tool, more people will avoid injuries and fatalities that can occur if they don't brake in time.

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