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Accident Risks at Arkansas Intersections

Arkansas auto accident attorneyArkansas has the unfavorable distinction of being one of the most dangerous states for drivers. Intersections in Arkansas pose unique risks as motorists converge in one place and travel in different directions. Add vulnerable road users like pedestrians and bicyclists to the mix, and you have a situation rife with major risk.

Lack of Driver Attention at Intersections

Increasingly, the single biggest factor in most current intersection crashes is lack of driver attention, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Traffic safety experts believe this to be a substantial factor in the recent highest two-year increase in traffic deaths noted in five decades.

Negotiating intersections is one of the most complex and challenging tasks for any driver. In order to successfully execute any maneuver, the driver must receive and recognize available information, make split-second decisions and pay attention to follow through. However, there are ways drivers can mitigate the likelihood of being injured in a crash at an intersection.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) suggests that drivers:

  • Be aware that an intersection is ahead
  • Monitor and adjust speed
  • Maintain lane position
  • Be aware of other vehicles and objects
  • Be aware of other road users (e.g., pedestrians and bicyclists)
  • Monitor traffic movements
  • Pay attention to signs or signals
  • Assess adequacy of gaps for turning movements
  • Rapidly make stop-go decisions
  • Slow down when making a turn
  • Be prepared to stop
  • Be sure to turn in the correct lane

Every driver shares a responsibility to keep the roads safer, particularly at intersections. However, each driver can only control his or her own actions. Even the safest driver can easily become the victim of a drunk, distracted or fatigued driver who causes a serious collision.

Our Jonesboro car accident attorneys have seen the devastation intersection accidents can cause to crash victims and their families. In the event that you've been injured in a crash, contact McDaniel Law Firm, PLC today and find out how we can help you.

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