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Why Police Reports Are Important In Arkansas Auto Accident Claims: An Attorney Explains

Being injured in an auto accident in Arkansas can be a frustrating and sometimes life-changing ordeal. Like many crash victims, you may be under the impression that filing a claim and obtaining compensation for your losses is simple.   Unfortunately, many injured motorists have their claims denied because there is simply not enough available evidence to prove that...

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Speeding Truck Drivers Are A Danger To Arkansas Road Users

Large commercial trucks are an important part of the Arkansas economy. And in an effort to meet often unrealistic company expectations, many truck drivers exceed the speed limit.   Speeding can be dangerous in any type of vehicle. However, large commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. And when an accident occurs involving one, it can likely result in fatal...

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The Conversation That Can Prevent Arkansas Elderly Driver Crashes

The statistics regarding older drivers are eye-opening. Among them, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety:  More than 200,000 drivers 65 and older were injured in a crash in 2016.  More than 3,500 drivers were killed.  Seniors outlive their ability to drive safely by an average of seven to 10 years.  Having The Conversation...

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Arkansas Auto Accidents Often Speed-Related, Police Crack Down

Excess speed is identified as a contributing factor in nearly one-third of all fatal auto accidents, both nationally and in Arkansas. That's the reason law enforcement agencies throughout the state are seeking to crack down on speed-related traffic offenses according to Hot Springs Village Voice. The move is particularly timely in light of a legislative...

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Accident Risks at Arkansas Intersections

Arkansas has the unfavorable distinction of being one of the most dangerous states for drivers. Intersections in Arkansas pose unique risks as motorists converge in one place and travel in different directions. Add vulnerable road users like pedestrians and bicyclists to the mix, and you have a situation rife with major risk. Lack of Driver...

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Arkansas Among Nation's Most Dangerous States

Arkansas ranks among the most dangerous states in the nation. Wallet Hub reports the nation's safest states are Vermont, Maine, Minnesota, Utah and New Hampshire. Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi were ranked most dangerous, followed by Arkansas at 45th in terms of safety. To rank all 50 states, researchers used 48 safety metrics, including...

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Arkansas Traffic Safety: Focus on Truckers and Tour Bus Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association is reporting increased enforcement for commercial drivers behind the wheel of tractor-trailers and commercial tour buses as the summer travel season gets underway. Personal injury lawyers in Jonesboro and throughout Arkansas will see a growing number of traffic accident cases through the summer months. Tractor-trailers will be moving more...

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Distracted Driving is Endangering More Jonesboro Residents

In new vehicles filled with technology, it has become harder and harder for drivers to stay focused on the road. Advocates, safety coalitions, government traffic agencies, and many others have worked hard to bring awareness to this important issue. Their efforts paid off last year when the state legislature passed new, tougher laws to ban...

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When Cars Crash Into Jonesboro Buildings

Any car crash can cause significant property damage, but crashing into a building increases the costs substantially. Worse, both the number of people injured and severity of injuries can be exacerbated by a car accident that involves a building. Recent car crashes into Jonesboro buildings have caused significant harm to our neighbors and property. Recent...

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Truck Driver Shortages Can Increase the Risks of Accidents in Jonesboro

Both anecdotal and statistical evidence suggest that the American trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage. This shortage is more than a mere inconvenience that results in missed deadlines or higher distribution costs. It can also lead to dangerously inexperienced drivers being placed behind the wheels of large, fully loaded cargo trucks. These drivers are...

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