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Truck Accidents in Arkansas Put All Drivers at Risk

Every day, truck accidents throughout the state of Arkansas cause injuries, paralysis, and even death. What causes these accidents, and how can Arkansas drivers protect themselves from the risk of truck accidents? Mechanisms of Injury There are many ways a truck accident can seriously injure or kill a victim in the other car. Some examples include:...

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Arkansas Distracted Drivers Pose Risk on Jonesboro Roads

Police are planning to crack down on Jonesboro distracted driving by initiating targeted enforcement against teenagers. By state law, drivers with a learner's permit, intermediate license or restricted license are not allowed to use a cell phone in any manner behind the wheel - including hands-free devices. This applies to all drivers younger than 18....

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The Dangers of Aggressive Driving in Jonesboro, AR

Aggressive driving is extremely dangerous. Many drivers are reckless behind the wheel because they allow their frustration to get the better of them. When drivers give in to their frustration and it manifests in dangerous ways, victims of aggressive driving accidents need to know their legal rights. If you are injured as a result of a...

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Preventing Jonesboro Motorcycle Crashes

Spring is here, and that means more bikers are going to be on the roads in and around Jonesboro enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, that does mean there’s an elevated risk of being involved in motorcycle accidents. While any motor vehicle accident can cause serious injuries, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable because they don’t have the...

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Are Overloaded Trucks Putting Jonesboro Motorists at Risk?

YouTube is chock full of videos of "overloaded truck fails" in which trucks tip over because their cargo loads are too heavy. While these videos are showcased as entertaining, the reality is overloaded trucks are no laughing matter. In reality, as Trucking Info reports: "Year-after-year, overloaded trucks are one of the leading causes of truck-related accidents."  An...

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How Rolling Back Regulations Could Cause More Jonesboro Truck Accidents

The trucking industry is a heavily regulated industry because it needs to be. Commercial trucks could cause devastating accidents if drives are not experienced or if they do negligent and unsafe things such as driving when they are too tired.  While car accident fatality rates have been falling, a New York Times op-ed warned about a 17...

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Used Cars with Active Recalls Present Hidden Dangers

Last year, there were more used cars sold than new cars sold. According to the New York Times, around 38 million used cars were sold over the course of the year.  A good number of these used cars which were sold, unfortunately, were originally manufactured during years when there were record high numbers of auto...

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The E-Log Mandate and the Prevention of Jonesboro Truck Accidents

Truck drivers deserve a safe working environment, and motorists deserve a safe place to drive. Unfortunately, sometimes truckers and drivers do not get what they deserve. There are situations where truckers end up having to drive for many hours in a day. Sometimes truckers remain behind the wheel longer than is safe, particularly considering they...

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Passenger Distractions Can Cause Passenger Injuries & Fatalities

Drivers have a responsibility to passengers to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks. A big part of this important responsibility involves drivers not letting passengers they are transporting cause a distraction.  This can be hard sometimes for parents with kids in the car or for teens with friends in the car. But when parents do focus on...

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